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Be Activated by Douglas Heel - Enhancing Your Sports Performance

In sport 1% can be the difference between success and failure.

But how can you achieve that extra 1%?

EAT SLEEP TRAIN REPEAT is simply not enough anymore.

You need to find something else to give you the edge.

Be Activated is a UNIQUE sports therapy that can make the difference.

The technique is used by professional athletes and sports stars across the globe, but it can also benefit everyone, not just these elite athletes.

It works by realigning your muscles so that they operate in the correct sequence giving you an enhanced boost in your strength and speed.

Forward thinking sports therapist bora Hasler provides Be Activated treatments to her clients in Brighton.

She is happy to report that her clients are achieving some FANTASTIC results.

Be Activated is GREAT because it allows my clients to perform at a different level when they are competing

My clients love the fact that once they have had their course of treatments they can reactivate themselves with a few simple steps

Today we are going to talk about the importance of Be Activation and how it enhances your sporting performance.

Lets jump right in!

Adapted from Science Picture Companies Illustrations featured in Runners World Magazine.

 So what is Be Activated?

The Be Activated philosophy will change the way you work

These are words of South African born physiotherapist Douglas Heel, the creator of this revolutionary muscle activation technique.

Heel has some great credentials.

He has worked with top professional athletes including Celtic FC players, the South African rugby team and Olympic 10,000m silver medallist Elana Meyer.

He also states:

Simple changes to incorrectly functioning muscles allow the body to make immediate shifts towards resilience, strength and speed.

The therapy is designed to get your mind better connected to your muscle groups, allowing them to work in a more efficient manner.

The results can be INCREDIBLE.

Athletes have said that after treatment their legs feel as though they are made of springs.

Be Activated not only improves your sports performance it can also prevent injuries and help with stress management.

How does it work?

Your bodies fatigue levels are controlled by your brain.

The brain has evolved to overcompensate when the body is over worked.

It does this by shutting the body down early so that in an emergency you have something in reserves. 

So no matter how exhausted you feel, if there was a life or death situation you can access that reserve power.

Elite athletes are able to tap into this resource subconsciously when they are up against it.

This is one of the defining factors that set them apart from everybody else.    

Activities outside of sports and exercise can cause your brain to think that the body it is being over worked.

Research has shown that a terrible nights sleep or stress at work can cause similar effects.

When your muscles start to shut down your brain shifts the work load on to other muscles to compensate for them.

This breaks your muscles natural sequence causing your body to function inefficiently preventing you from reaching your optimum level.

Heel describes it as:

Its like the trip switches in a household fuse box the body also has override switches for when it gets overloaded.

You start your Be Activated system by testing how your body is currently performing.

This gives you a starting point so that you can clearly measure when there are changes.

The tests include simple muscle resistance, strength and flexibility exercises.

Now the treatment begins:

The first and most important step is to activate the body so that it breathes correctly.

When you activate the diaphragm it helps to increase your lung capacity.

This aids your breathing system making it stronger and much more efficient.

The sports therapist will start to stimulate your muscles into action by pressing neurolymphatic reflex points on the body.

These points enhance the maximum potential of strength, power, flexibility and endurance of the Musculoskeletal system.

Your muscle movements are now returned to their correct pattern.

It is massively IMPORTANT that your muscle groups do their own job when functioning.  

This stops them from being overworked, preventing you from injury.

Also, when the brain and body are synced, this means you will operate effectively and efficiently, allowing you to reach your optimum level.

Adapted from Science Picture Companies Illustrations featured in Runners World Magazine.

How will Be Activated make you feel?

Clients describe the feeling after treatment as loose and cleansed.

Running, jumping and moving will start to feel effortless.

Expect to feel taller, lighter and more confident.

Your respiration should feel more powerful, allowing you to breathe into your belly with ease.

Also because your posture is improved, breathing becomes completely tandem with the rest of your bodys movement.

The mechanics while running will start to get better.

There will be a greater push through the hips, and your knees will pop up without any extra effort.

Tightness within your muscles is a defence mechanism created by the body to protect it from dysfunctional movement patterns.

When the right muscles are firing correctly, the tightness is removed, meaning less stretching is required.  

Adapted from Science Picture Companies Illustrations featured in Runners World Magazine.


So there you have it.

Our report on why we believe you should invest in BE Activated treatment.

No matter what sporting discipline you are involved in, Be Activated can really make the difference.

The GREAT thing is that once have had a course of treatments you can start reactivating yourself.

Douglas Heel states that this is often done by his ultra-marathon clients during races.

This could really give the extra 1% that we look for during a sporting performance.

But for all the information within this article to be useful you need to take action.

I urge you to get in contact with Beatitude and find out more today.

Débora Hasler is the Clinic Director at the Beatitude Sports Injuries & Wellbeing.

She is a long serving Be Activated practitioner who is really excited by it.

The muscle activation techniques are incorporated into most of her treatments because it is so effective.

Débora offers a range of comprehensive treatments that start from £40.

Adapted from Science Picture Companies Illustrations featured in Runners World Magazine.

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